It’s Almost Time – A Primer

So probably around a year ago we got the idea to motorbike around Iceland. Why? It’s one of the most farthest ends of the earth, from my perspective. It’s also unspoiled natural beauty, that only exists a few places on earth. And most importantly… Some of the best riding in the world πŸ˜€

We’re catching a plane to Iceland tomorrow, and we have everything packed. It’s a weird feeling packing your bike gear to take on a plane. I would have loved to ride there, but I hear there’s a hell of a river-crossing in the way….

We packed two giant duffle bags with our gear, and strapped sleeping bags to the side. We’re a bit worried the airline will charge us over-size bag fees which would be 600 bones… ugh.

I’ve packed cliff bars inside my boots to save room and I think we’re set πŸ™‚ Ill be posting lots of a photos and maybe some video whenever we get internet access. Stay tuned.

Episode 12

Show Notes
Cohost: Thud AKA Todd
Hosts: Greg, Troy


Thud talks with us about ebike racing and frame design.

How it All started:

Race Weapon Controller Engulfed in Flames:

Wet eWheelies:’s Carbon Fiber Frame:


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Untitled from Troy Rank on Vimeo.


Episode 11

Show Notes

Cohost: Richard Fechter, Gary Goodrum

Hosts: Greg, Troy

Richard and Gary tell us about the trials and tribulations of BMS design.

The new BMS from Gary and Richard:

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Episode 10

Show Notes

Cohost: John in CR

Hosts: Greg, Troy

John tells us about riding ebikes on the chaotic streets of Puerto Rico, and his defiant parrot.

John in CRs bikes!:

Monster Hubmotor Thread (with dead pics πŸ™ )

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Syracuse Alley Cat Race (April Fools)

Well the Syracuse alleycat race didn’t happen on april fools, but it was a fantastic time, with a great turnout, and lots of great people. Checkout my shakey helmet cam video:
(sorry for all the fast motion, I don’t like it either really, but I already have way too much time into that 5 minute video πŸ™‚

Stick in the Mud

Episode 9

Show Notes

Cohost: DoctorBass

Hosts: Greg, Troy

DoctorBass tells us about world records, and of course his love for Doc Brown πŸ™‚

DoctorBass’ first ebike:

A chilly ride in Quebec:

The power of an X5:

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Ebike Montage

I’m getting used to video editing tools again…bare with me:)

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