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Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 35

Show Notes Guest: Andrey Matveev

Hosts: Greg Crist Troy Rank

Format: Interview

Andrey speaks with us about his time spent as an engineer for Adaptto, and the advanced MiniE and MaxE sinewave ebike controllers.

Adaptto MiniE

Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 34

Show Notes Guests: Jesper Vind, Bjarni Freyr Guðmundsson

Hosts: Troy Rank, Greg Crist

Format: Interview

Jesper and Bjarni speak to us about their venture: Future Electric, and their Indiegogo campaign to raise money for their world-class electric race bike.

Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 33

Show Notes

Guests: Craig Vetter, Alan Smith

Hosts: Troy Rank

Format: Interview

The Legendary Craig Vetter and streamlining expert Alan Smith join us to talk about Streamlining EVs and Terry Hershner’s monumental coast-to-coast trip.

(sorry about the AGC white noise when I’m speaking)




The “Last” Vetter Fairing fitted on my Helix and Terry’s Zero.  Terry’s streamlining is the finished version.

2013-May 21-Justin takes delivery- 03


Vetter streamliner parts fresh from the molds May 21

Terry on Zero-67

Early fitting of streamliner kit parts.


May 29:  Eight days later, finished:  Left to right:  Craig Vetter, Alan Smith, Terry Hershner, Justin Burr, Zak Vetter
Made from Vetter kit parts
See the entire story on




Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 32

Show Notes

Guest: David Pearce

Hosts: Greg Crist, Troy Rank

Format: Interview

David, the founder of Phasor Cycles, speaks with us about the challenges of Ebike frame Design.

Checkout David’s work at:


Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 31

Show Notes

Guest: John Wessel

Host: Greg Crist, Troy Rank

Format: Interview

John speaks with us about his unique and efficient friction drive design (known to many as the Kepler friction drive). Possibly the only way to truly have your ebike, and ride it too!


Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 30

Show Notes

Guest: Thud (Todd Lane)

Host: Greg Crist

Format: Interview

Greg and Todd get together for a fireside chat about the exciting new emergence of the mid-drive as a fully realized option. Even more exciting;  Todd and Greg chat about Todd’s new high-performance mid-drive.

Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 29

Show Notes

Guest: Matt Bentley

Hosts: John Kennedy, Troy Rank

Format: Interview

We meet up with with Matt Bentley, Industrial Designer for Zero Motorcycles, at the International Motorcycle Show in New York. Matt talks with us about his work with Zero Motorcycles and his excitement for electric motorcycles.


After the interview there is also a good casual chat with John Kennedy, President of the Rochester Institute of Technology EV Team, which is developing an electric bike to compete in the TTXGP race.


Ebike Nerd Podcast – Episode 28

Show Notes

Guest: Dan Hanebrink

Hosts: Greg Crist, Troy Rank

Format: Interview

The legendary Dan Hanebrink joins us to talk about his new Hanebrink Hustler X5, and his amazing history in bicycle and motorcycle design. From gravity bikes, to avante garde motorcycle design, to fairing design, Dan has done it all and we spend over an hour hashing out just a small sliver of Dan’s lifelong bike design.

You can find more information on Dan’s bike’s at


Ebike Nerd Podcast Episode 27

Show Notes

Guest: John Rob Holmes

Hosts: Greg Crist, Troy Rank

Format: Interview

John Rob Holmes talks with us about wheelbuilding, his ebike projects, and his new Ebike shop.


Ebike Nerd Podcast Episode 26

Show Notes Hosts: Pete Prebus, Troy Rank

Format: News

Pete and Troy talk about Pete’s trip to the Interbike show in Las Vegas and all the latest in Ebike Gear announced! Woohoo!

As always you can find all of Pete’s extensive coverage of the consumer ebike scene at

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