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Fall 2012

Try to ignore the **ahem** awkward camera angles, and appreciate my “artistic” efforts 🙂

Warm Lithium on a Cold Day

Still Winter? O yeah.

We had a nice little thaw out here last thursday/friday, but by Saturday morning, winter was back. Checkout the fun we had ebiking to the public market:

And though I’m pretty good at riding in the snow/ice, I did manage to go down on the way home, when I forgot which lever was which….:)

TR2 V2.0

A few years ago I built my first bike on a shoestring budget.  After riding it through a couple of Potsdam winters and the salt/sand and wear had got the best of it. All the while I was thinking of how to improve upon it. After endlessly ready the forums at endless-sphere I came up with a plan that would be the perfect electric bike for me.

Endless Sphere thread here.


  • 1000(++)+ watt Goldenmotor hubmotor.
  • Custom, hand built controller (18 IRFB4110 MOSFETs ).
  • Norco Scrambler with Xtracycle conversion.
  • 4,7Kwh Lithium Cobalt battery back. (64V 72Ah)
  • 100+ miles per charge (estimated 190+ but  not yet tested :D) assuming  no pedaling…
  • 203mm BB7 mechanical disc brakes
  • Passenger capability
  • Cycle Analyst Display from
  • 2nd place in the RIT green vehicle challenge, (1st place was a carbon fiber recumbent trike designed by a large team 😀 )

It’s an endless work-in-progress. Lots of updates (pictures are actually a bit old now) I still managed to get over 1000 miles on it this past summer.

Current projects include: Rigid battery box construction, controller reprogramming, various wire-harness tweaks, wide-loader xtracycle accessory, adding additional bracing to the xtracycle frame,additional lighting, hubmotor performance modifications, twist throttle (instead of thumb), and the list goes on…:D

Checkout some more pictures below:

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