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Ebike Touring Day 5

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Ebike Touring adventure – Day 4/5

OKay, so yesterday I didn’t do very many updates because I made it from Sandusky Ohio to Kokomo Indiana, about 214 miles. I’m writing this at my friend Ruth’s house in Kokomo, where I’m allowing myself just a little downtime, because it’s overdue. Ruth literally just moved in yesterday so it was completely hectic that I should stop by, but it was a perfect day, and a perfect distance, so I couldn’t help myself.

Yesterday was ideal xc e-biking roads. Tons of awesome scenery, great roads, very little traffic. It really doesn’t get old to me. This is the type of touring I never really could do on my motorcycle. Too much noise to hear things, too fast to really take it all in. Sure, there are times when I wish to go faster, I’m not going lie. But all in all it’s pretty much ideal.

I woke up at about 5 yesterday in Sandusky Ohio and got out as soon as possible. Some of the battery packs are really out of balance, and I was worried about them, but in the end, I don’t really thing it’s a big deal.

After leaving the rock and roll hall of fame area in Cleveland, I headed down the coast of lake Erie to Sandusky. I ended up in the theme park somehow, even though bicycles are prohibited. After realizing the only  “camping” they offered was for RVs and cabins, I headed to the KOA. It was absolutely wicked riding around the theme park at sunset though. Worth the trip.


That’s all for now, but here’s an edit from Day one, behind as always.



Ebike Touring Adventure

A Primer: Last year a learned about that the world record electric bicycle journey was only 2200 miles. On a whim, I applied to beat the record. Since that time, the record has climbed to over 4100 miles. Still, I’ve been dreaming about long-range e-bike touring ever since. After Kerra (my wife) encouraged me to take the trip, I decided to go for it.   The plan: Ride west, hopefully to Colorado, or or until I’m about halfway (or about 2200 miles). In order to get this type of mileage, I’m hoping to average about 200 miles per day, for an entire month.   Preparation: My everyday e-bike is well equipped for touring as it is. I have about 2kWh of battery pack that I lug around with me, which is good for about 50-100 miles range. Sweet. The charge rate however… not good. It Takes about 4-5 hours to charge with the old setup. So that had to be upgraded with an additional charger. Currently I’m at around 1400W of charge capability. that gets me charged up in a couple of hours give-or-take. I added an additional USB charger to the bike as well in order to charge the GPS that logs the route for the record. I also beefed up the tail and headlight setup.  I made a spreadsheet to roughly estimate how far I could travel in a day, depending on my average speed and efficiency.   I’m a little behind on updates as I’m writing as a charge in Westfield NY, right on the lake, about 60 miles south of Buffalo, but I’ll have some more video updates soon. Here are the ways you can follow me:




and please consider donating to the Sierra Club, maybe hold off until you see if I’m worthy 🙂

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