I work backwards:

Day 2 ended with 135 total miles on the clock. Less than the 140 miles per day that I have to average and much less than the 200+ miles per day that I had planned. This is mostly thanks to getting lost in Erie PA, while in a complete downpour. I spend several delightful hours huddled in a gas station in a not-so-nice part of town. Some creepy dude sipped vodka with sunglasses on. As far as I could tell he was staring at me. Also, several aggressive verbal fights broke out. Living the dream.

I made it into Ohio at roughly 9PM. Things went pretty well after the rain cleared up. I stayed at a campsite outside of Conneaut OH. I found a spot of grass in what I was advised was the camping area. It looked more like a fishing area. Still, it wasnt too terrible wet in the tent and the shower was totally worth it.

Since it was raining I wasn’t able to use my 900w charger, since it’s air-breathing, and this significantly slowed me down as well.

Still most of the day along lake Erie was pretty awesome.

Today is now day 3 as I write this, and to be honest, I’m not doing any better on mileage, probably worse as a matter of fact.

This morning I was dead set on getting to a diner. I felt a bit sick to my stomach. Not a great way to start out a month o being on the road. I met a pretty awesome old guy who signed my witness book and kept me company. By the way, John Deer is apparently still one of the best backhoe manufacturers, though I would have thought it to be consumer grade, but I digress.

Still wet this morning I headed down Ohio’s great excuse for a bike route. Wow. There was literally about 4 miles of decent road today. Everything else is completely potholed, un-shouldered, and generally just all yucky. To make up for this fact, everyone I passed on the way down here LOVED the bike. Up until this point, people have only showed a little bit of interest. As I arrived into Cleveland, for whatever reason, everyone just seemed to be pumped about the bike. It really does give me a lot of energy after putting up with the honking and the bullshit and the shitty roads, it really makes up for it all really quickly with just a couple positive comments.

I charged at a Harley dealership from an outlet on the side of their AC unit. As it turned out, it was switched so that when the AC went off the charger went off. Lesson learned. Didn’t end up with as much charge there as I could have.

After riding down a marginal road (side note: the road was actually named Marginal road, google it, terrible) I ended up at the rock and roll hall of fame. Downtown Cleveland kind of kicks Rochester’s ass just a little bit. It’s super nice. A couple had me pose as if one of them was reading my palm while another took a photo of it, for some type of app-based scavenger hunt thing. Whatever, they were cool. I asked the kids working at the concessions tent on the terrace in front of the rock and roll hall of fame if I could plug my bike into their tent power (since I noticed the cooler) They happily obliged. Perfect charging spot. I just got done exploring a but of downtown, and I’m going to head out, Hopefully I can get another 60 or so in tonight. I’m only about 70 in so far, so it’s going to be another lite day. I guess I have to get up earlier or something…

I’m behind on a video updates, but here is a video a just uploaded about some of the before the trip stuff. I have a lot of editing to do but I HIGHLY underestimated the downtime I would have…