Show Notes

Guests: Craig Vetter, Alan Smith

Hosts: Troy Rank

Format: Interview

The Legendary Craig Vetter and streamlining expert Alan Smith join us to talk about Streamlining EVs and Terry Hershner’s monumental coast-to-coast trip.

(sorry about the AGC white noise when I’m speaking)




The “Last” Vetter Fairing fitted on my Helix and Terry’s Zero.  Terry’s streamlining is the finished version.

2013-May 21-Justin takes delivery- 03


Vetter streamliner parts fresh from the molds May 21

Terry on Zero-67

Early fitting of streamliner kit parts.


May 29:  Eight days later, finished:  Left to right:  Craig Vetter, Alan Smith, Terry Hershner, Justin Burr, Zak Vetter
Made from Vetter kit parts
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