After a long flight and several delays, we still managed to make it to Reykjavik on time. We had to giveup trying to stream the season finale of house over 3G in JFk. It was tragic. How’s that for Adventure?  When we arrive in Reykjavik, we had the easiest customs experience known to man. How long are you staying? Stamp. Go. No waiting, no grumpy faces, no interrogation, just a stamp and on your way. Wish I could look forward to that on the way home… no chance.

Anyway, The bus ride in to town already has given us a glimpse into the awesome beauty of Iceland. The volcanic rock is seen everywhere, even in the city center where you can see it in the tarmac and stone driveways.

We arrived at our campsite at around noon. The campsite, is in the middle of the city itself. Pretty much the coolest campsite ever. Complete with a bathing facility which is built into a hill for geothermal heating.

We walked about a mile to Biking Viking where we met up with Eythor, who showed us the F650GS we will be riding. We discussed installing the heated vest plug and he was super-cool about everything and very willing to help us out. It’s around 50 deg F here right now, which surprisingly doesn’t really feel that cold after the warm weather in Rochester. However, Eythor says that it’s suppose to cool down a bit.

We stopped and had some ‘dogs for dinner, which we heard are pretty good, which they were. We spoke with the woman there who was really cool and interested in our bike adventure. Much the same way that we’ve barely been to New York City, she said that though she’s lived here her whole life, she hasn’t had the opportunity to travel around the ring road. Isn’t our life awesome?

We plan to get up bright and early tomorrow and drag all of our junk a mile over to biking viking, and load up the bike to begin the bike trip! Honestly, at this point I would be happy renting a bicycle and camping in the city for a few days, just to enjoy, but we aught to have some time next week to do that after we turn the bike in.