So probably around a year ago we got the idea to motorbike around Iceland. Why? It’s one of the most farthest ends of the earth, from my perspective. It’s also unspoiled natural beauty, that only exists a few places on earth. And most importantly… Some of the best riding in the world 😀

We’re catching a plane to Iceland tomorrow, and we have everything packed. It’s a weird feeling packing your bike gear to take on a plane. I would have loved to ride there, but I hear there’s a hell of a river-crossing in the way….

We packed two giant duffle bags with our gear, and strapped sleeping bags to the side. We’re a bit worried the airline will charge us over-size bag fees which would be 600 bones… ugh.

I’ve packed cliff bars inside my boots to save room and I think we’re set 🙂 Ill be posting lots of a photos and maybe some video whenever we get internet access. Stay tuned.