Some people have religion,  Some people have sports,  some people have addiction, Some people have friends,  Some people have lives…I have adventure.

After two summers of  riding in the western US, we decided to take a different heading, and see Nova Scotia.  

It’ s really a shame I didn’t keep a journal along the way, but the pictures tell a good enough story on their own.

My good friend Matt joined us for the trip. We started out on Friday night August 20th 2010, and rode to Matt’s moms house outside of Syracuse NY. It was mostly in the dark (which I hate). Matt took us down some of the bumpy and rustic back-roads which he grew up riding dirt bikes on. Needless to say he was a little more comfortable than I was…

Tuff Guy poses

Nova Scotia Map and ST13

Serious, at Matt’s Mom’s

Getting ready to leave Matt’s

And until I can get WordPress to cooperate,  here is the trip…in reverse: