Last year I picked up a little plow-tractor to get rid of the snow in the driveway. It’s kind of an interesting exhibit of US manufacturing abilities from the 1960s. It has a 2 cylinder 690cc briggs and stratton boxer motor. Most importantly it pushes snow really well because it weighs about 9 tons.  About  Halfway through the winter died. I checked everything, carburetter was fine, ignition seemed to work fine. I was stumped. After talking to some friends at work I decided to checkout the keyway on the flywheel, to see if it had slipped the key. Sure enough, it spun so, such that the spark timing was off. I managed to damage the flywheel while removing it and in turn damaged the starter gear. I found a new flywheel in the summertime. After 8 months of sitting like a half-eaten-zombie in my barn, the snow was starting to fly again, and this is the story of the Ressurection:

There it is,  taking up room in the barn and blocking the stairs for 8 months….

No flywheel, about to take off the starter to  replace the gear

Crappy, destroyed starter gear

Shiny new starter gear

Starter back in, Flywheel back on and… it smoked, it screamed, it ran …..IT’S ALLIVEE

Bodywork back on, and out to pillage for BRAAINS!…

As much fun as it is to restore this relic of a different time, and as much as it is incredible that 40+ years later this thing will even work at all, it also makes me wonder why we’re still using gasoline engines for things like this. It’s such an overly complicated, oily, smokey, loud system and to do what? Push snow around… If I have any more trouble with it I will convert it over too electric drive in about as much time as it took me to do the work in this post.